The biggest confirmed releases are coming in 2022

Some of the year's hottest entries are just months away (The Independent)

Some of the year’s hottest entries are just months away (The Independent)

The Nintendo Switch has seen a healthy library of first- and third-party games since its launch in 2017, and even as it technically outperforms the Xbox and Playstation consoles, the software is hard to beat.

Super Mario Odyssey, Metroid Dread and of course, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have been genre-defining entries, and in 2022 there are even more titles to look forward to.

The recent follow-up releases of the Switch lite and Switch OLED models have also meant that there are more ways to enjoy Nintendo titles on the go, whether you’re looking for something more compact or a brighter display for each system respectively.

The massive popularity of the console has only been matched by the quality of these games. And since the Nintendo eShop is extremely active for game developers of all sizes, there’s a healthy selection of games at different prices.

In this list, we’ll keep you updated with all of our anticipated games confirmed to launch on Switch in 2022 and will add new entries as they’re announced.

Two point campus

After the success of Two Point Hospital, a spiritual successor to simulation games that theme hospital, is coming Two Point Campus, where players are tasked with building their own universities. Players can establish curricula, such as magic and knight school for a fantasy floss, or even train their students to become secret agents. We’re not sure how well these schools would perform in a university ranking, but it looks like a fun, nostalgic management title.

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Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb casts players in the role of a lamb saved from annihilation by a mysterious stranger, and must repay the debt by building a religion in their name.

Start your own cult, venture into a diverse and mysterious region, and build a loyal community of indoctrinated forest animals. Think of it as a mix between Animal crossing and The Binding of Isaacwhich is not something we thought we would ever write.

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Pac-Man World: Re-PAC

Pac-Man World: Re-PAC is the remaster of the pellet gobbler’s first 3D platform adventure originally released in 1999.

The remaster promises to have an updated user interface, updated visuals and modernized controls, in addition to having a playable version of the original Pac Man and also a collection of 3D mazes to complete.

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Lego riot

A fighting game in a similar vein as Super Smash Bros with brick-based toys, Lego riot is a port of the popular mobile game for consoles. Lego fans and brawlers alike can collect unlockable minifigures, power-ups and emotes from their favorite Lego themes as they battle and build their way to the top of the leaderboards.

Players all over the world can team up and fight 4v4, party with friends or play a Battle Royale style game mode. There’s also a “free to fight” mode where it’s every minifigure for themselves.

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NBA 2K23

Hit the hardwood like NBA 2K series returns, with new ways to attack off the dribble and on the rim.

And according to the publisher, 2k23 introduces an intuitive one-on-one position shading system to unlock even more control on both ends of the floor in the most “authentic basketball experience yet”.

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Splatoon 3

Nintendo’s paint-based competitive shooter series returns in September with more maps, weapons and even a new story mode. IN Splatoon 3, the characters will leave the city of Inkopolis for the Splatlands, a Mad Max-the style desert where skirmishes break out over paint instead of petrol.

ONE Splatoon 3-theme Switch OLED will also be released to coincide with the game’s launch this year.

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NieR:Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition

The highly acclaimed action role-playing game returns to the Nintendo Switch. NieR:Automata: The End of YoRHa Edition comes with previously released DLC, plus costumes exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version. When machine lifeforms from another world attack without warning and unleash a new type of threat, humanity is driven from Earth and seeks refuge on the moon.

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Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

The follow-up to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, this sequel sees Mario and friends return in a XCOM-style tactical shooter. Lead a team of three heroes and use a variety of tools to navigate the battlefield, flank your enemies and find opportunities to thwart them.

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Persona 5 Royal

We never saw it coming, though Persona 5 Royal is finally coming to the Nintendo Switch, along with Persona 4 Golden and Persona 3 portable at a later date. It’s one of our favorite JRPGs on Playstation, so we’ve been eagerly awaiting this port.

Not just is Persona 5 Royal incredibly stylish and packed with hundreds of hours of gameplay, but it’s also surprisingly relaxing. Players take control of a young Japanese high school student as he invades the mind palaces of corrupt adults at night with the help of his friends. Think of it as a lifetime simulator with a twist Startup thrown in for good measure.

Find out more about the upcoming Persona game

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Bayonetta 3

In this third part of Bayonetta series, Umbra Witch returns and must team up with some familiar faces. New characters, such as the mysterious Viola, will appear, as well as a host of other Bayonettas (presumably in a multiverse scenario) to stop man-made Homunculi from wreaking havoc.

Players will take advantage of Bayonettahis weapons and new Demon Masquerade ability to blast, stomp and punch enemies with the series’ well-known penchant for superior combos and demonic powers.

Find the best pre-order offers for Bayonetta 3

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Announced at the Nintendo Direct in June, Harvestella is a life-sim RPG where players farm, fight and form friendships in a new fantasy world called Lethe. The seasons flow gently from spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, they will eventually give way to the Season of Death, Quietus. The fate of the village depends on the players stopping the season of death from wreaking havoc.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet

The two games will see players transported to a new region with two new professors, named Sada and Turo. From the trailers that have already been released, we know that players will get to choose from three brand new starter Pokémon; these are called Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly, and are Grass, Fire and Water types respectively.

Fans of the pocket monster catching franchise will already be familiar with how these games are released. Starting with Red and Blue back in 1996, Pokémon games were always released in pairs, with Scarlett and Violet ready to continue that trend.

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Dragon Quest Treasures

As a spin-off of Dragon Quest XI, recurring characters Erik and sister Mia explore the vast world of Draconia in search of great treasures.

Taxes is supposedly a prequel to another Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age and will focus on the siblings’ journey before the start of the game.

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Change game coming in August 2022

Change game coming in September 2022

Switch games coming in October 2022

Change game coming in November 2022

  • Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, 18 November (£99.99,

Change game coming in December 2022

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