The best CBD-infused drinks for relaxation, focus and energy



CBD is having a moment – which shows no signs of ending anytime soon.

Since it was first legalized in the UK in November 2018, the number of products containing CBD has continued to grow and grow (if you’ll excuse the pun). First drugs, then food supplements, gums, oils, skin care, conditioners and finally drinks. It is now possible to consume CBD in almost any way you want.

Don’t worry about taking a sip and heading for the clouds: CBD won’t get you high. Instead, it is loved around the world for its ability to relieve pain, encourage relaxation and calm you down. Also touted for its ability to ease some epilepsy symptoms, CBD is constantly being evaluated to see exactly what else it is capable of doing.

Most of these drinks contain around 20-30 mg of CBD, which is enough to give you a mild sense of calm but not put you to sleep. Highlighted with varying herbs, roots, fruits and other ingredients, some of these drinks are also specifically aimed at different times of the day, helping you focus first thing in the morning or wind down a little easier after work.

You will find the most popular brands sold everywhere from supermarkets to popular online stores.

We’ve rounded up all our favorite CBD drinks below.

Goodray’s CBD Drinks Mixed Pack

Goodrays takes things a step further when it comes to CBD. In addition to offering a few different flavors of delicious, CBD-infused drinks, the brand also produces gummies and oils.

Available in four flavors – Yuzu & Elderflower, Raspberry & Guava, Passion Fruit & Pomelo, and Blood Orange & Grapefruit – each drink comes with 30mg of CBD (one of the higher doses found in these drinks) as well as Vitamin D.

Although these drinks taste a bit stronger than other brands, they also offer a more impressive result. Fun packaging and a vegan, sustainable core make Goodrays one of our favorite CBD brands.

Buy now £16.56, Amazon

TUR Lemon Basil CBD Drink

TRIP is one of the best CBD brands to fall in love with as it is stocked in possibly the most locations of any brand in the sphere. This is very convenient, as it is also one of the most delicious options available. While most of TRIP’s drinks tend to focus on light, fruity flavors, you’ll also find TRIP Cold Brew: coffee infused with CBD that provides all the energy but none of the nerves. With 15mg of CBD per can, it’s a great option to try first if you’re new to CBD drinks or if you’re sensitive to trying new ingredients.

Buy Now £1.70, TUR

OTO CBD Botanical Seltzer Discovery

OTO’s stylish, minimalist packaging is the first thing you’ll notice about this brand of CBD seltzer. If you’ve heard of OTO somewhere before, it’s because it not only produces drinks, but also drops, skincare products and spa experiences, sold as far and wide as John Lewis, Selfridges and lookfantastic. The drinks are just as impressive as the rest of the product range, infusing CBD with three sparkling flavors that add a gentle buzz to your day. Green tea and spearmint are our favourites.

Buy Now £15.00, OTO CBD

Medahuman Cranberry and Lime CBD Energy Drink

Medahuman steps it up a notch with a series of CBD drinks that each work a little differently. While the core element remains the same, the brand cleverly incorporates different ingredients to encourage different effects. The result? A range of drinks that work for every occasion.

Looking for a gentle burst of energy? Choose the brand’s cranberry and lime made with vitamins B & C, natural caffeine and ginseng. Looking for the opposite? The Ginger, Blood Orange and Turmeric CBD Recover drink is ideal post-workout or later in the afternoon when you’re thinking about unwinding for the day.

Buy Now £2.59, Holland & Barrett

Unrooted CBD 20mg Drink cool and calm

Unrooted takes things back to basics with a delicious CBD shot that gets the job done quickly. With 20mg of CBD per shot, it’s not the strongest option out there, but provides a great boost of calm energy to help you through the day.

Adults are advised to have no more than 70mg of CBD per day, so feel free to top up a few of these without going over the suggested limit, if necessary. Flavored with cucumber, mint and baobab fruit powder, this CBD drink is also a great source of fiber and if that wasn’t enough, every bottle sold helps support rural Zimbabwean communities.

Buy Now £3.50, Holland & Barrett

EXALT chilled AF cold pressed fruit juice with CBD

There’s no doubt about it: EXALT’s Chilled AF CBD drinks are definitely up there with the most amazing flavors out there. That’s especially true if you’re someone who would rather ingest the CBD without tasting it, as this drink’s strong fruit flavors can easily trick you into thinking it’s just another fruit juice.

Combining orange, mango and pineapple with cold-pressed ginger, lime and basil, it’s one of the freshest and tastiest CBD options out there. Although it only contains 15 mg of CBD, it is made with water-soluble CBD, which is 10 times more bioavailable than regular CBD oil.

Buy now £4.95, Ocado

Drink 420 CBD-infused Wild Berries

Drink 420 makes the kind of drinks you want to pick up and enjoy regardless of CBD content. Good enough to drink on a daily basis without even considering the health benefits, the biggest problem you’ll have with these CBD drinks is limiting yourself so you don’t exceed the recommended dose each day.

With stronger fruit flavors and a more subtle CBD flavor than many competing brands, these fizzy, low-calorie beverages promise to quickly become a contender for your new favorite soda.

Buy Now £2.00, Sainsbury’s

Little Rick Mix Pack

Little Rick’s CBD drinks are what we would best describe as “non-alcoholic drinks for adults”. The kind of thing you’d pick up instead of a beer on a weeknight to enjoy while watching Netflix, these cans are just as chilled as the label suggests.

It’s something you’ll appreciate more than usual here, too, as each of Little Rick’s cans contains 32mg of CBD – higher than pretty much any other brand on the market. If you’re looking for a powerful boost of CBD in one can, this is the brand to choose. Each flavor – mint and lime, raspberry lemonade and piña – provides a soft but noticeable sense of relaxation.

Buy Now £15.98 Little Rick

Green Monkey CBD Drink

Green Monkey was the first carbonated CBD drink out there and knows what it takes to create delicious, CBD-infused drinks. Keeping things simple with two flavors – original (pineapple, yuzu and orange) and berry – these drinks are light on the buzz and heavy on the flavor.

With only 10mg of CBD per can, they are by no means strong drinks. But that means they blend brilliantly thanks to the lack of underlying CBD flavor. Green Monkey recommends mixing their drinks into a variety of cocktails: great if you’re looking for a mixer with a twist.

Buy Now £12.99, Drink Supermarket


With so many incredible flavors out there, choosing one favorite is no mean feat. But if we had to choose, we would choose Goodray’s CBD Drinks Mixed Pack: With just the right amount of buzz and a unique flavor to match, this one will remain a staple in our fridge from now on.

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