New movies and TV in August 2022

Yellowstone, Secret Headquarters and Jackass Forever are among the films and TV shows heading to Paramount+ UK in August.  (Parent)

Yellowstone, Secret headquarters and Jackass forever is among the films and TV shows heading to Paramount+ UK in August. (Parent)

Jackass forever was probably the surprise package of the year from a film standpoint. Those of us with fond memories of the TV show and the other three films made by the daring crew of childish pranksters expected something funny, but few expected such a joyous celebration of silliness. The film is now coming to Paramount+ UK so we can all relive the mayhem once again.

Elsewhere, that is Yellowstone returns to screens with more from Kevin Costner and the rest of the Dutton clan. There is also a new superhero movie Secret headquarterswhere Owen Wilson plays a powerful criminal, and a return for Rugrats.

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Here’s everything we know is heading to Paramount+ UK in August…

New films coming to Paramount+ UK in August

Apex (August 5)

Bruce Willis fights for his life against people hunting him in the thriller Apex.  (Parent)

Bruce Willis fights for his life against people hunting him in thriller Apex. (Parent)

Bruce Willis recently announced his retirement from acting, but there are still a few of his projects coming out into the world. His regular directorial collaborator Edward John Drake is at the helm Apex, which takes place in the near future and stars Willis as a wronged ex-cop serving an unjust life sentence. He gets a chance at freedom if he can survive a dangerous game where he serves as prey for a group of wealthy hunters who try to kill him for sport.

Secret headquarters (August 13)

Owen Wilson takes on a superhero role in the family action film Secret Headquarters.  (Parent)

Owen Wilson takes on a superhero role in a family action film Secret headquarters. (Parent)

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman delivered an energetic twist on the superhero formula a few years ago when they helmed Project power for Netflix. They have now joined the MCU and The Mandalorian alumnus Christopher Yost to create this story about a group of kids who learn that one of their fathers — played by Owen Wilson — is a superhero when they encounter his secret headquarters beneath their home. The cast also includes Michael Peña.

Jackass forever (August 16)

The boys are back in town, and age has not weakened their willingness to put their bodies and pride on the line in the name of entertainment. Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the rest of the team continue to push the boundaries of taste, while presumably writing risk assessments as long as their arms, with the help of several new team members. It’s 90 minutes of people throwing up and falling over, but there’s something refreshingly carefree about the carnage.

New TV series coming to Paramount+ UK in August

City on a hill S3 (weekly from 1 August)

Jackie Rohr, played by Kevin Bacon with a lovely moustache, has now left the FBI and is working a lucrative security job. The show continues to explore the darkness and corruption of Boston, with Bacon’s former agent still in the orbit of Aldis Hodge’s Assistant District Attorney.

La Brea (1st of August)

David Appelbaum’s ambitious sci-fi series begins with a massive natural disaster in which a sinkhole opens up in Los Angeles, leading to a massive death toll and destruction of the city. The series then follows the aftermath of this event, with residents of LA fighting to survive and the rest of the world trying to figure out how it all happened.

Rugrats (1st of August)

The Rugrats are back in a new CG-animated version of the children's TV classic.  (Parent)

The Rugrats is back in a new CG-animated version of the children’s TV classic. (Parent)

Almost 20 years after the original series of animated series Rugrats ended, Paramount+ has revived the series in CGI animated form. The original group of babies are present and correct, with the surviving voice actors behind the microphone again. There are a handful of changes to the characters and settings, but for the most part, this is the series many of us grew up loving – with a glossier coat of paint.

Are you the one? Great Britain (August 8)

Streaming services really love reality shows built around dating. Now Paramount+ UK is unveiling a British version of the MTV show Are you the one?, which follows the usual formula that single people are tasked with living together in a house. The twist this time is that one of their fellow contestants is their scientifically chosen perfect match. They just have to find the right person.

The box (August 11)

This three-part true-crime documentary follows detective Chris Loudon as he follows the information and clues revealed by an unopened box of evidence dating back decades, shedding light on one of America’s worst serial killers in the process.

Yellowstone S4 E1-5 (August 17)

The fourth series of the hugely popular series Yellowstone sees Kevin Costner return as rancher and family patriarch John Dutton. Written by Sicarios Taylor Sheridan, the series continues to explore the conflicts between the Dutton clan and their neighbors – a fast-growing town, an Indian reservation and a national park.

The disappearance of Gaby Petito (August 18)

Internet proliferation has proven a poignant focal point for documentary series over the years, including the gruesome Netflix effort Don’t f*** with cats. This three-part series explores the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of 22-year-old vlogger Gabby Petito, which sparked hundreds of Internet sleuths.

SkyMed (August 23)

SkyMed tells the story of emergency workers who fly air ambulances.  (Parent)

SkyMed tells the story of the emergency services that fly air ambulances. (Parent)

First responder dramas are big business in the television world, including the long-running and increasingly wide-ranging one 9-1-1 franchise. SkyMed takes that kind of action to the skies, following the committed individuals who save lives as part of air ambulance crews serving some of Canada’s most remote areas.

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