Music fan proposes to childhood sweetheart on stage at Christina Aguilera concert

A smitten Romeo proposed to his childhood sweetheart on stage at a Christina Aguilera concert – after the iconic singer belted out her favorite song.

Guy Black popped the question to Danielle Dove, both 31, in front of 15,000 people last Wednesday (8/3), telling her: “I fell in love with you twenty years ago at school”.

Footage from the night shows Guy getting down on one knee and presenting his girlfriend with a diamond ring before she says “I do” to wild applause.

And after the concert, the couple left for a romantic holiday in the Algarve region of Portugal, where they soaked up the sun as a newly engaged couple.

Guy, a comedian and regular on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch, said his anxiety had gone “through the roof” as he tried to organize the daring proposal.

But two weeks before the concert he secured a meeting with the singer’s management, where they agreed to let him take to the stage at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool.

Guy said: “For a solid six months or so, nothing was initiated.

“My anxiety was through the roof at the time, but I was going to propose on that date anyway.

“I got the meeting through someone who had been out to dinner with Christina. They responded through a direct message on Instagram.

“We then organized a Zoom call with her management team the following week.”

Mental health worker Danielle broke down in tears as soon as she realized Guy was about to propose to her on stage.

She said: “We went to the side stage and Christina was singing ‘Beautiful’, my favorite song.

“And then one of the dancers took my hand and said, ‘We’re going to get you up on stage,’ and I said, ‘I can’t go on because she’s there.’

“When I heard him say ‘Danielle Dove’ I covered my face because I was just crying.

“The crowd was screaming so much I couldn’t hear what Guy was saying, and when he pulled out this box, I started freaking out.”

Guy began planning his surprise engagement in January this year after the couple got tickets to see Christina Aguilera perform at Danielle’s birthday.

He explained that they had been at school together, in Leeds, but had gone their separate ways before becoming an official couple two years ago.

He said: “We’ve been in a relationship for about two years but we met in high school. Nothing really happened at school but we rekindled things 15 years later.

Danielle said she had not been quiet about her ambitions for the pair to get engaged and had even hinted at her ring size.

She said: “I’d been saying to him for the last year, ‘If you’re going to propose, it could be this ring’ and ‘This is my ring size if you’re going to do it.’

“But he would just say, ‘It’s going to happen one day in the next ten years,’ so I didn’t really expect it.”

Seasoned performer Guy said he had felt “comfortable” going on stage and was more worried about how Danielle would react in the moment.

He said: “I wasn’t scary and I felt quite comfortable before I went on stage. I thought more about Danielle and looked after her.

“We went out for a little lunch at Pizza Express before hand and then Danielle took a nap.

“I then went to meet Stefan, one of the partners working with Christina on the event, and gave him the ring so I could get through without pulling it out of my pocket.

Danielle said Guy had joked that she would get to meet her musical idol later in the evening, but thought he was just winding her up.

She said: “He was winding me up all the time. He said ‘Are you ready to meet her?’

“And then suddenly this man appeared next to me and said, ‘Come on.’ I said, ‘You mean me?’ He said, ‘Yes’.

“He said, ‘I’ve heard you’re a big fan, so I just want to get you to the side stage so you can see her better’ and I started to panic.

When Christina Aguilera invited the couple on stage, around 10:20 p.m., Danielle thought Guy was going to lead the audience in singing “Happy birthday” to her.

And after he surprised her with a proposal, she didn’t stop to chat to the singer and instead went for a drink.

Danielle said: “Because of my nerves I said ‘We’ve got to have a shot’ and I ran to the bar. But it was closed! Everyone was taking pictures.”

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