League of Legends’ Beast rework a perfect example of a rework should be

Beasts are getting a much-needed makeover.  It looks set to be one of Riot's best reworks yet.  (Photo: Riot Games)

Beasts are getting a much-needed makeover. It looks set to be one of Riot’s best reworks yet. (Photo: Riot Games)

League of Legends (LoL) recently unveiled one of the most anticipated master reworks in a while.

Beast the Spirit Walker’s rework trailer was posted on YouTube and social media on Saturday (August 6), and fans are rejoicing.

Beast, one of the oldest lol champions, was released in 2009. As a result, the champion’s model in the game has been out of date for over a decade and does not conform to the game’s cosmetic standard.

He was chosen by players in Season 11’s poll as the next champion to receive a visual graphics update (VGU) and a kit makeover.

His new look and gameplay gave the champion a better identity, on top of his new “dad bod” which reminds me of Thor in Avengers: End Gamebut with Stormbreaker.

Riot promised in a developer blog last year that the team would build on Udyr’s visuals and not reinvent him.

In the trailer we saw that instead of random animal spirits, Beast’s attitudes are now based on his powers harnessed from the free-earth demigods.

Beast shows off the powers of the cryophoenix Anivia.  (Photo: Riot Games)

Beast shows off the powers of the cryophoenix Anivia. (Photo: Riot Games)

One of the stances changes his arms to look like a Cryophoenix, representing the power he harnesses from Anivia, the Cryophoenix champion in the game.

Another stance, based on fire, has ram’s horns representing the power he receives from Ornn, the free-earth demigod of forging and craftsmanship.

When his arms transform into a bear, most players know this represents Volibear. Beast also has an attitude somewhat similar to the old turtle, but is actually the Iron Boar, the unearthly demigod not fully revealed yet in the Runeterraverse.

This gives his transformations a better meaning and connection to his current lore.

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Udyr's ram position shows the powers he harnessed from Orn.  (Photo: Riot Games)

Udyr’s ram position shows the powers he harnessed from Orn. (Photo: Riot Games)

Aside from Riot’s trailer, former Team Gates owner Timothy “Trick2g” Foley revealed internal gameplay test footage on his YouTube channel.

While he emphasized that the video “doesn’t represent the final game,” it does give us a better understanding of what to expect from Spirit Walker’s kit.

Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

Spirit Walker (passive)

It is now possible for the Beast to re-cast one of the stances during the cooldown to awaken it and gain bonus effects. Using any stance also increases attack speed by 30% for four seconds and reduces the cooldown of Awaken by 5%.

Riot has also previously mentioned that this passive may be connected to another unknown Freljordian demigod, Seal Sister.

Wilding Claw (Q)

Wilding Claw replaces the old Tiger Stance. Beast gains 25% attack speed for four seconds, and his next two attacks deal additional physical damage based on his maximum HP percentage.

When Awakened, the Beast’s attack speed increases and its two empowered attacks gain a lightning strike that bounces up to six times, dealing greater maximum health damage to isolated targets.

Iron Mantle (W)

The most memed frame from Udyr's game reveal.  (Photo: Riot Games)

The most memed frame from Udyr’s game reveal. (Photo: Riot Games)

Iron Mantle gives you a shield for four seconds, and the two attacks it powers steal life and heal you when they hit.

The Awakened version increases the amount of shield he gets and gives Beast four seconds to heal himself. During this time, both Life Steal and health gains on hits are doubled.

Burning Rush (E)

Blazing Stampede (E) replaces Bear Stance and grants Beast 30 percent faster movement for 4 seconds. When Beast is in this position, his first attack stuns an enemy for 0.75 seconds, and Awaken makes him immune to effects that slow him or stop him from moving, as well as grants him faster movement over 1.5 seconds.

Move over, Gragas, we've got a new daddy in town.  (Photo: Riot Games)

Move over, Gragas, we’ve got a new daddy in town. (Photo: Riot Games)

What is it to love

What we love about this skin so far is that Riot made sure to keep the champion’s identity instead of erasing what players loved about him.

On top of that, his kit is simple and not overloaded, unlike other reworks that include three new streaks, one that goes through walls, or an infinite passive that almost destroys any counterplay.

The thematic addition to each stance on his set is a welcome integration that ties everything together and reignites the player’s interest in his story.

Udyr’s rework is coming soon to the PBE. Given Riot’s usual timeline, his final skill set will be revealed within the week, followed by playtesting on the PBE.

With a few more tweaks, he’ll likely be ready for the public servers in late August or early September.

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