KFC and HYPE team up for a 47-piece fashion collection

KFC and HYPE have teamed up for a fast food fashion collaboration.  (KFC/Hype)

KFC and HYPE have teamed up for a fast food fashion collaboration. (KFC/Hype)

KFC may be known for its fried chicken, but it’s about to take a step into the world of fashion, teaming up with HYPE to launch a 47-piece clothing line.

The fast food chain has partnered with lifestyle brand HYPE to create a collection of clothing and accessories, including hoodies, puffer jackets and bucket hats (no pun intended).

The range of co-branded apparel and accessories features designs inspired by both brands, blending KFC’s tongue-in-cheek interactive messaging with HYPE’s bold heritage statements.

Covering everyday staples, the exclusive range features bralettes, joggers, t-shirts, caps and rucksacks, which the brands claim will ensure you look ‘festival ready and feel good on your finger’.

Inspired by KFC’s history, including its menus and slogans, the collection includes HYPE’s original dad cap with ‘Bargain Bucket’ emblazoned across the front.

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The series includes T-shirts, hoodies and accessories.  (KFC/Hype)

The series includes T-shirts, hoodies and accessories. (KFC/Hype)

There are also statement loungewear sets in soft fabric with “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good” emblazoned across the top.

For those looking to be a little more subtle, the range has accessories including a KFC Bucket Bag and KFC Drinks Bag, which are carefully designed to hold a bucket of chicken and KFC drink respectively.

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The notoriety of both brands means this is a match made in food and fashion heaven, and the collaboration is sure to go down a treat with Insta-influencers.

The collection will launch exclusively at Hype’s Carnaby London store, via justHYPE.com and in selected retailers worldwide from 4 August 2022.

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The series is launched on 4 August.  (KFC/Hype)

The series is launched on 4 August. (KFC/Hype)

KFC is not the only fast food restaurant that wants a piece of the fashion burger.

Last week it was announced that Greggs has once again teamed up with fellow high street giant Primark to launch a second fashion collaboration.

Months after causing a stampede in stores across the UK, the company has announced its latest collection of 21 items aimed at helping fans get ‘festival ready’ in style.

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Finger licking good clothes?  (KFC/Hype)

Finger licking good clothes? (KFC/Hype)

It will launch in Primark stores on August 5, but there will also be sneak peeks in selected cities.

McDonalds has also dipped its nuggets into the world of style, and previously launched a loungewear collection that contained a number of favorites around the house.

The ‘brekkiewear’ included a button-up dress, pajama bottoms and a t-shirt with bacon and egg McMuffins, hash browns and other breakfast favorites plastered over them.

Last year, Pizza Hut launched an entire clothing collection as a trend for 90s nostalgia.

Dubbed Pizza Hut Tastewear, the limited-edition capsule line taps into the latest streetwear trends, featuring tracksuits and slides with designs inspired by the iconic Pizza Hut red roof, checkered tablecloths and Tiffany-style lamps.

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