Inside Kaia Gerber’s Jetsetter Beauty Routine

After spending a Sunday by the pool at her parents’ home in Malibu, Kaia Gerber totes her Five-Minute Journal in a pre-packed carry-on and gets a red eye for New York. The 20-year-old model – and the face of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy Ever So Fresh – doesn’t bring a single pair of heels. “I know I’ll be walking a lot,” she says, explaining that during the week she’ll be walking from classes in Brooklyn to dinner in the West Village before heading to a friend’s concert at Terminal 5 (so, Celine boots are move).

Going forward, Gerber diaries a whole week in her life. On Monday, she eats a spoonful of sea moss gel (a new health trend she’s “very into”), and on Saturday, she eats a breakfast sandwich in her pajamas before getting ready for the theater. Her pace is fast and her recommendations honest. The following was told to Megan Decker and edited for length and clarity.


I wake up at my parents’ house, which is amazing – it’s by the beach. I usually wake up early so I have an hour before the rest of the world is awake and I don’t have to work yet. I make a matcha and take it out with me. I write The Five Minute Journal or five minute stream of consciousness writing, and read a bit. I’m reading Abandon me by Melissa Febos.

My mother wakes up and we go for a walk together. We take a little hike in Malibu, which is really beautiful. We bring my dog ​​Milo who can walk past me. Then we go and get smoothies.

I shower and wash my hair. I wash my hair every day – something I know people have thoughts about, but that’s what I do. I use Stephen Knoll shampoo and conditioner. Now that I have colored hair, I have to think about what I wash it with. Then I will use a coffee scrub. I wash my face with Allies of Skin cleanser and put ClearChoice sunscreen on my face.

On my body I like this Hamptons Sun Tanning Oil which has a sun factor in it – my dad introduced me to it. I also wear a hat. My face is always five shades lighter than my body. I’m working by the pool, reading some scripts and stuff.

On Sunday evenings we have this tradition in my family where we make homemade pizza. At night, I wash my face again and do my night routine, which is basically the same every night.


On Monday I wake up at my own home. I have a spoon full of seaweed jelly, a new thing I’m really into. I’m working out with my amazing trainer Kirsty [Godso]. Then I go and have a smoothie.

I go home and wash my face. If I’m working from home, I use Allies of Skin Moisturiser, Peptides & Antioxidants Firming Daily Treatment, it’s awesome. I work from home, cook dinner and get ready for bed.

Here’s my nighttime routine: I wash my face with the Allies of Skin cleanser. All I use is Allies of Skin; I don’t use anything else. I get the products for free but they have literally changed my skin. I use CE15 Bakuchiol Oil, mix with my night cream and lather it on my face and go to bed.


I’m on set on Tuesday. I wake up at 4 am and take a shower immediately. When I go to work I don’t put any products on my face, I just go clean. I wash my hair because I find it easier to work with fresh hair.

I work all day and then I have to get on a plane. I rush home and shower again, wash off my makeup. On the days I wear a lot of make-up at work, I use a make-up removing balm and then I go in with a face wash. I use this balm from Farmacy which removes all eye make-up and breaks it down really well.

I am a prepacker. I’ve packed days in advance, so I just grab my bag and head out the door. My lips get really dry when I travel, so for flights I use Laneige Sleeping Mask, lather it on my lips and go to sleep knowing I’ll wake up in New York.


The New York red eye always sounds like a good idea… but it’s actually a terrible idea because you only have four hours of sleep. But I get to wake up in New York, which I like.

It’s very hot, so I shower and put on sunscreen. I know I’ll be walking a lot today. I’m taking courses here in New York. I go straight from school to dinner, so I have things in my bag. I put on my make-up in the car in five minutes. There is some YSL Touche Éclat under my eyes and then Rouge Volupté Shine on my lips. I spray on my Daisy perfume as a refresher.

I go home and do my nightly routine. I also have a cup of spearmint tea; I try to have a cup of mint tea with honey every night.


I wake up and have a Zoom call early. My Zoom routine doesn’t shower, but makes it look like I’ve showered. I brush my hair, sometimes I run a hair dryer on it. I put on some makeup, the top half of a presentable outfit, and keep myself in sweatpants or pajamas.

I have an hour left. The classes I take are in Brooklyn, so I go to them. It’s like five miles, but it’s really lovely. It is beautiful here and I love to walk. Besides, I drink wood Hydro bottles a day, so much and much water.

I get home, get ready for bed and go to bed. Christophe Robin has a really good hair mask, so sometimes I put it on my ends and sleep in it.


On Friday, I go to Washington Square Park. When I moved to New York I used to hang out there all the time because kids my own age went to college there. I go there and I love it in the summer when everyone is out.

I meet my friend Nico as I did American Horror Story with and my friend Travis who is here and lives with me. We get matcha, sit in the park and catch up.

For dinner I’m going to Via Carota, which is very classic New York. That’s very good. Then afterwards I’m going to a concert, so I put a little extra effort into getting ready. I blow dry my hair. My hair is actually naturally curly. Usually I’ll either curl it with the Dyson Airwrap – I’m not good at doing my hair and it does it for you – or I’ll let it air dry. I can go in and add some bends with my straightener. I put on trousers, vest, boots and a little bit of Daisy.

My friend’s concert at Terminal 5 is really fun. Being able to see live music again is really lovely and refreshing. Then I go home and go to bed. It’s later than usual – but I never, ever sleep in makeup.


Saturday morning I go – in my pajamas – to get a sandwich. I’ll be back, shower. I have a Zoom meeting, so I’m getting ready for that, the shortcut version of what I usually do. I put on moisturizer, some Rouge Volupté Shine, and brush up my brows.

I walk across the Williamsburg Bridge and back.

Then I go to a play called Circle jerk. Nothing is as it sounds, but also exactly as it sounds. It was a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize – it really is a brilliant piece of work. I like dressing up for the theatre, I think it’s really fun. I curl my hair and put on a little bit of Daisy. I don’t wear heels in New York because I walk everywhere. Instead I wear my Celine boots, which are reliable. They’ve gotten me far.

I go home and drink tea and go to bed.

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