Giggs headbutted the woman after she confronted him about cheating, the court was told

Ryan Giggs grabbed his ex-girlfriend’s shoulders and headbutted her after she earlier confronted him about cheating on his serial love, a court heard.

PR manager Kate Greville said ahead of the alleged abuse in November 2020 that she had learned he had “full affairs” with eight women while they were together.

The discovery of messages “going back years” on the former Manchester United footballer’s iPad made her decide to leave him, she said.

Giving evidence at Manchester Crown Court behind a curtain, Greville said she had secretly checked into a flat and planned to “disappear” from Giggs’ home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, where she had been living since the Covid-19 the blockade in March. 2020.

Ryan Giggs trial

Court artist sketch of Elizabeth Cook by former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs at Manchester Crown Court (Elizabeth Cook / PA)

On the afternoon of November 1, she went with 48-year-old Giggs to Manchester’s Stock Exchange Hotel, part-owned by the defendant and fellow footballer Gary Neville.

But an argument ensued at dinner in the restaurant, she said, when she told Giggs about a man who had previously asked her out for a drink.

She told the court: “I said to this guy ‘I can’t believe you asked me out, you have a girlfriend’.”

Asked how Giggs reacted, she said: “It was ‘why didn’t you say you had a boyfriend?’ He was angry. He kept testing me. He wanted me to agree with him. I wasn’t prepared to do that. I stood up for myself.”

She said he “stormed out” and up to their hotel room where they had planned to spend the night.

Greville, who is 36, said she stayed at the table and felt “a bit embarrassed” before going up to the hotel room.

She said: “He had packed up all my things and said he wanted me to get out.

“He basically said he was done with me and wanted nothing more to do with me.

“I knew everything he had done.

“I had the proof for the first time ever because he had always managed to convince me that the whole thing was in my head and I was going crazy.

“I showed him some of the messages I had seen.

“I had taken screenshots, there was a lot.

“He said what I said was not true.

“I said ‘it’s there, you can’t deny it anymore’.

“Then he got in my face and screamed and told me to get out.

“He was very drunk and very angry.”

Ryan Giggs trial

Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs leaves Manchester Crown Court (Peter Powell/PA)

She said she gathered her belongings and called for an Uber to Giggs’ address where her sister, Emma, ​​was looking after their golden retriever puppy Mac.

Greville said she called her and told her to “get my stuff and the dog” into her car.

She returned and was up packing before 10 to 15 minutes later she saw lights outside when Giggs arrived and began unloading her belongings into garbage bags from her car in front of the house, she said.

Greville said: “He was very angry. I had never seen him so angry before. He was drunk. I think the whole situation had sobered me up.

“I said: Please. I just want to see my father. I just want to take the dog’. I was obviously very upset, he was my absolute world that dog.”

The pair then seized Ms Greville’s phone in the hallway of the house and inside an adjoining laundry room, the court heard.

Ms Greville continued: “He pushed me backwards, I ended up lying on my back in the washroom.

“I was lying on my back on the floor with the phone in my hand.

“Ryan was on top of me.

“He pins me to the floor and tries to reach for the phone in my hand.

“I tried to do everything I could to get him off me. I called my sister for help: ‘Get him off me.'”

Greville said Emma grabbed Giggs by the waist to pull him off but he pushed his arm back to try to get her off him and it is claimed he hit her in the jaw.

Giggs managed to grab Ms Greville’s phone and pushed her head to the floor as he got off her, she said.

Greville said Giggs told her he had called the police and was going to tell officers Greville had attacked him and was a “psycho”.

She added: “He was really angry but quite with a cockiness to it.

“It was a certain bait, he was trying to bait me, basically.”

Then they moved to the kitchen.

Ryan Giggs trial

Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs arrives on the pitch (Peter Powell/PA)

Greville said: “I said ‘I’m glad the police are coming because you attacked me and I want to tell them what happened’.

“That’s when he came towards me and hit me in the face with his head.

“He just came at me, grabbed me by my shoulders and hit me in the face with his head.

“I said, ‘I can’t believe you just did that.’ I was in shock. I fell backwards, my lip swelling so I put my hands to my mouth. I could taste the blood.

“I was just in shock.

“All the other times he had hurt me, this was different. This was with real intent. He really wanted to hurt me.”

Greville said Giggs then told her: “You’ve got to think about this, Kate.

“This will destroy me and it will destroy you.

“Think about my job, think about my career, think about my kids.

“And I said, ‘Well, you shouldn’t have done that, then’.”

The police attended and Giggs was arrested.

Giggs denies using controlling and coercive behavior towards Greville between August 2017 and November 2020, assaulting her, causing actual bodily harm and the habitual abuse of her younger sister.

Greville will continue to give evidence on Wednesday.

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